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) traces its roots to the founding of the University of Turin, and has produced or hosted some of the most outstanding jurists, statesmen and women, and scholars in Italian and European history.

Among its distinguished and alumni are leading writers, philosophers and legal scholars.

A coach can be listed if they were a current coach at a Patriot League institution.

NOTE To be included on this list, a student-athlete must have competed in a Patriot League sport during the existence of the League.

Department of Law coordinates the research work of more than 120 law professors in the different areas of law. The Department also offers some brief degree courses (three years). As a result of the Bologna Process, all of the UNITO Law degrees are fully comparable and transferrable across Europe, and graduates of the law department in fact practice in a number of leading jurisdictions across Europe. in international criminal law is offered in the framework of an agreement with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI). The Master of Public Administration is designed to prepare graduates giving them a specialization in administrative law, useful for the access to a career in this field. Programme is now designed for more comprehensive coverage of the topics related to the globalisation of supply chains, the vast expansion in international and regional trade in goods and services as well as the accompanying technological developments like e-commerce and digital signatures which have all contributed to an increasing complexity in the legal framework governing contractual transactions in a technologically interconnected global market.

The Department offers a number of degrees, starting with the laurea di giurisprudenza (equivalent to an LL. In addition, the department offers the dottorato di ricerca or the traditional research Ph. An English-language LLM program offered in conjunction with the International Training Centre of the International Labor Organization (ITCILO) in Torino, collecting participants from different countries, to increase and specialize professionals in the field of cooperation and development. This course is directed to postgraduate students that want to access to administrative courts career or to other professional opportunities in the PA. The UNITO Department of Law is a founding member of a number of innovative international law programs, such as the Center for Transnational Legal Studies, London, and several independent research institutes: and the support of the Italian government, ministry of foreign affairs.

It is one of the leading law faculties in Europe, with particular strengths in the fields of comparative law and private law. in intellectual property law in conjunction with the WIPO and the support of the Italian government, ministry of foreign affairs.

Additionally, the Department of Law has improved its physical facilities (including course offerings in Cuneo and international exchange programs with a number of the world's leading research universities). is a one-year English-language program designed for judges and practitioners in the early stages of their careers desiring to obtain a deeper knowledge of international criminal law. The program is administered in English and includes innovative distant learning modules, giving students maximum preparation and flexibility in approaching their study.

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