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Law enforcement action against public officials and police officers complicit in trafficking offenses remained limited.

Recommendations for Bulgaria: Enhance efforts to investigate, prosecute, and convict trafficking offenders, particularly for labor trafficking; ensure, including through legal changes, that convicted offenders serve time in prison; proactively target, investigate, prosecute, and convict government officials complicit in trafficking, and ensure convicted officials receive prison sentences; increase the capacity of existing shelters for adult female trafficking victims; ensure male victims can receive shelter, reintegration assistance, and legal services; ensure investigative units have sufficient resources and clear lines of responsibility among them; ensure prosecutors supervising trafficking cases receive additional specialized training; increase the number of victims referred by government officials to service providers for assistance; implement and manage a comprehensive database of all victims who have been identified, referred, and assisted; and allocate government funding for outreach activities to Roma communities.

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Four of the five convicted labor trafficking offenders received a suspended sentence; one trafficker was sentenced to up to three years’ imprisonment.During the reporting period, the government increased funding for two state-owned trafficking shelters and provided assistance for more women and child victims.However, shelter capacity for female victims was insufficient relative to the number of victims identified, and the government lacked specialized services for male victims.Authorities investigated and prosecuted more labor trafficking cases, yet the overall number of cases remained low.Law enforcement efforts were hampered by sentences for convicted traffickers that were inconsistent with the gravity of the crime.

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