14 yr old dating

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Just know that if somebody sees you together doing ANYTHING, that person can make a report to the police. Well, kissing has been known to lead to other things.As condecending as it sounds, at fourteen, you are not presumed to have developed the maturity or control that an adult has.Source: world of ours is getting more twisted every dayy by day.

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I've read things online about this situation and it all basically says that sex is illegal but mentions nothing about dating.

Your boyfriend, on the other hand, is expected to have the maturity and control to keep anything from going too far.

That is why in cases like these, the adult bf or gf is the one running the risk of facing criminal charges.

This same thing is happening with 2 friends of mine muse, except the guy is not quite 18.

I would suggest going out in groups, learning about courtship vs. But that's what happens when you go shopping before you're old enough to "purchase and take home".

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