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All ancient people used perfume, the best known are the Egyptians who had workshops in Alexandria for perfumes based on cinnamon or kyphi (a solid perfume in the form of incense).In fact, we know two bas-reliefs dating from 4 century BC representing the work of perfume-makers, who only use canvas bags and recipients for their work.We invite you to create you free Syrian dating profile today.Meeting your Syrian soul mate could be just one click away. Unlike other Syrian dating sites, Arab stands out for many reasons.Profiles are screened regularly and the site is home to the largest Syrian dating community on the Internet.

You can also find single ladies and foreign men in our free Syria online dating website.Similarly, the word “perfume-maker” was written in several ways: luraqqû (at Mari)[11], muraqqû (MA, NA, NB)[12] or raqqû (Old Akk, OB, Mari, MB)[13].If in the current western civilisation, to perfume oneself is an act more associated with one’s personal care, even to personal hygiene, we are well aware that in Mesopotamia perfume was more widely used. I finished my university jurisdiction longitudinal history ...... I can't sing , so don't ever even try to ask me to perform.

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