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Teens, kids, adults, gays, lesbians, no matter what race or gender, anyone really can just connect and instantly talk to each other. Not only is it the #1 chat spot online because of the chat rooms but because the chatting rooms are always busy with hundreds of people chatting in one place. Following the rules listed are important because if you don't you can get banned permanently.

This chat ave site is made similar to #1 chat avenue to complement it and provide information about the worlds favorite chat site. The websites home page states that they are moderated and administrated but they can not be online all day. Although #1 chat ave have adult and gay chats they are not of a mature nature.

This way, you can video chat and call one another in order to get to know them even better.

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They have added the "Pets" forum and the "Kick/Ban Inquiries and Moderator Complaints & Compliments".

Chat Avenue is an option for chat based services The Chat Ave website features an assortment of chatroom topics, ranging from video games to sports and dating.

However, whenever using any sort of online chat service, it is very important for you to always practice saftey.

There is even a Kids Chat page designed to bring children from all across the country together in order to make friends and talk about anything.

If you are a parent, you need to monitor this carefully.

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