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Additionally, there were recorded and looped promo boxes for three other models: Mica Martinez, Caty Cole and Levi.As you can see from the screen captures, on television BS Cams is reminiscent of vintage Babestation, and I’d imagine the look appealing to longstanding fans.This gives the babe channels superb, universal reach.

The live model featured in the cams broadcast was former Big Brother personality Bex Shiner.

There’s obviously an economic element to the idea of models working from home and taking care of their own camera work, and that’s an observation which will inevitably be made when budgets are tight – as they obviously are in this genre.

But the hope of driving TV viewers towards online services, or at least raising awareness of those services, is also going to be a big motivation for a babeshow to blur the line between TV and the Web. Did Babestation Cams on Freeview prompt a stampede towards Babestation’s online cam site?

There were references to BS Cams in a small pop-up text bubble, but this could hardly be described as shouting a promotion from the rooftops. It was therefore difficult to work out Babestation’s exact motivation for screening this half hour Freeview transmission.

The segment relied entirely on Bex to achieve several ends – not least providing a service to callers.

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