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Depending on your age and location, you may need a prescription, but those over 17 in most countries can purchase it over-the-counter from a pharmacist. I know this probably isn't the time when you want one more thing to worry about, but please remember that anything that can pose a pregnancy risk also presents a risk of STIs.

SO IF: If any or all of those things describe the situation you're worried about, there probably WAS a real risk of pregnancy.

Anyone who's been in that terrifying place knows how overwhelming a pregnancy scare can feel. Let's start by first figuring out if you've had a pregnancy risk or not.

While we can't give you the hug you probably need right now, we do understand and can help you to assess your risk, figure out what to do next, and hopefully provide you with some support and comfort that'll help you get through this and have less scares in the future. If any of the above scenarios describe the situation you're worrying about, it's anywhere from very unlikely to downright impossible that you have or will become pregnant.

Has it been less than 120 hours (five days) since a risk?

If so, emergency contraception can be used to reduce the risk of pregnancy by 75-95%.

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