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Whether you’ve been together for five months or 15 years, these fun, sexy moves will bring you closer to the man in your life. Add one, two, or all of these moves to your repertoire and see where they take you! Find an old postcard from a trip you two took together (last summer's vacation, your honeymoon). Yep, fling that bathrobe or towel wide open and ask him to picture you--just like this--all day long. Mention, casually, while he's brushing his teeth or you're pouring your a.m.Flirt with the waiter, or that traffic cop who pulled you over, or the dry cleaner? But flirt with the guy who sleeps next to you every night? Well, here's why: A little playful, seductive teasing is crucial to keeping longtime love hot. After all, who knows better than you what catches his eye, makes him laugh, and turns him on? Write a message telling him how sharp and wonderful that memory still is and how much you look forward to so many more. This catch-him-off-guard flirt will make him feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. Take a digital shot of the restaurant where he proposed, the coffee shop where you met, even the bar where you fi rst beat him at pool. coffee, "You know, I had a really interesting dream last night." Then describe a favorite fantasy of yours--even if it's just, "We were making love on the beach with the waves crashing at our feet." You'll both hold that image in your heads for a long time. You're having dinner at your favorite restaurant, and the meal's almost over.

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REACH OUT AND TOUCH HIM Remember your first few dates, when sparks flew every time your hands brushed against each other? After you've done you-know-what, engage in a little "flirtplay"--the opposite of "foreplay." Instead of flipping on latenight TV, keep the lights dim and the romance going with some ear nibbling and serious cuddling.

I couldn't even eat; all I could think was, "This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.'" --Tom Graca, 31, Dallas "Sometimes in the middle of the day my wife will call me and tell me she's thinking about me.

I love that she calls for no reason--just to say hi and have a good day.

" Or, "If we could travel back in time and be high school sweethearts, what would you suggest we do after dinner tonight? Before a night out, step out of the shower and throw in the towel, so to speak.

Let him pick out what you'll wear--skirt, top, shoes, lipstick, panties, perfume, everything. Find a totally sexy song and play it during a totally unsexy moment.

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