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If you took a tuition-free class in the Fall 2016 semester you only need to complete the OLLI Tuition-free registration form.

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Properties are very hard to find as well – the current rental rate is only 0.6 per cent, the lowest in the country. A thousand e-mails,” he says on camera, gesturing to his phone, as another email response comes in as the cameras roll.

It’s in that environment that rooms-for-sex ads are proliferating. ” Later, on the phone, he is more specific, saying, “We can have rough sex in the living room, on the sofa.” Another ad offers a “free room share for a nice, clean person.” When April meets the author in downtown Vancouver he says the room share is actually a “bed share” – and plenty of desperate renters are interested. The “bed share” he is offering is in his room in a one-bedroom condo on Burrard Street, and the tenancy will last only as long as April is willing to have sex. If you’re rude like them then I can say, ‘Sorry, please leave,’” he said.

“If you clean and cook and don’t mind occasional fwb [friends with benefits] sex from time to time, rent can be very minimal,” one ad reads, warning “sometimes I will need some late night sex, so no fatties please.” Another advertised “a free room in exchange for your time once or twice a week,” again with the acronym FWB. Under Canada’s prostitution laws, selling sex is not illegal, but buying it is.

Protests against racism and the Viet Nam War were occurring throughout the country and the Cold War was heating up. The 1960s brought about the end of the Hollywood Studio System and the introduction of the independent and underground cinema. A number of films produced at this time reflect many of these transitional values and events.Among the films to be seen are: “The Apartment”(1960), “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” (1962), “Seven Days in May” (1964), “Westside Story” (1961), “A Thousand Clowns” (1965), “Dr.“We receive calls from women phoning us complaining about predatory landlords too,” she said, adding she has met with Vancouver’s mayor in the hopes of finding new ways to ease the housing market, and that she wants police to crack down. Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police Department said the force is aware of the issue, but it’s not a priority for his investigators because the people involved are consenting adults.However he said if they receive a complaint from anyone in that situation the officers would investigate with an eye to serious charges, including unlawful confinement and sexual assault.

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