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Huckle had worked with NGOs in Malaysia during a stint here, and during that period, had committed a large number of sexual attacks against Malaysian children.

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With the setting up of the registry, we should also have a concerted public campaign that educates us on how to use the registry.Description of my research: My research investigates how risky sexual behavior patterns, including condom use, may differ by age of college students and also by gender, race, and sexual orientation.Using data collected from Duke University’s Know Your Status, an HIV prevention organization providing free, rapid HIV testing to college students in Durham, North Carolina, I compared demographic information of students to reported risky sexual behaviors.Most notably this year at the conference, the World Health Organization launched its new Guidelines for HIV treatment , which called for earlier HIV treatment based on high viral load, regardless of CD4 count.As an HIV activist who has worked with HIV prevention and human rights advocacy among female sex workers in the past, I wanted to comment specifically on the topic of HIV transmission and sex work at the conference before delving into my own research.

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