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I had a university friend who would put on a 40 minute show using the selfie camera on her i Phone, then hang up and go back to watching re-runs of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and fighting with her housemates about who hadn't done the washing up.

Other girlfriends of mine would meet attractive, successful and somewhat lonely men to go for lunches at nice hotels, wander around the shops and finish with a spa treatment.

From personal websites to social media profiles, sex work is a crowded market for a young woman, as the one in 20 statistic demonstrates.

Student sex workers end up building personal brands in order to secure work.

The rise in sex work amongst students is something I’ve seen first hand.

When at university, well-adjusted, educated young women decided that they’d rather work a couple of hours a week and make the same money as they’d make pulling six or seven shifts in a pub.

A Dutch court ruled in June that he could be extradited to Canada to stand trial over the death of the teenager, although that decision that is currently under appeal.But frankly, given the relative ease of sex work - and the fact that it’s so lucrative - I’m surprised more undergrads aren’t giving it a go.Think about it: students are busy, between lectures and generally hungover.Ayden C pleaded not guilty to 72 charges, including The court heard that some of Ayden C's victims were harassed over a period of years.Ms Todd's mother, Carol Todd, flew from Canada to the Netherlands to attend the February hearings She told Dutch broadcaster NPO that her daughter would have “wanted to be face to face with him, and tell him what his actions did to her.

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