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Between 19 the number of inhabitants in Grenoble increased from 102,000 to 159,000, and the total inhabitants in the Département Isère increased from 139,000 to 250,000.The development of the infrastructure could not keep up with this rapid increase and was for the most part at the same level as before the Second World War.After Grenoble was voted as the host city the French National Olympic Sports Committee decided the foundation of the organisation committee.The Comité d’Organisation des dixièmes Jeux Olympiques (COJO), the committee for the organisation of the 10th Olympic Games, started to plan the games for the first time on 1 August 1964.

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There the torch was received by Jean Vuarnet, the 1960 Downhill Olympic gold medalist, on 19 December, who handed it on to the first torchbearer Alain Mimoun, the 1956 Marathon Olympic gold medalist.

The people who were responsible never made a secret out of it that it was mainly for them about using the Olympic Games to receive larger grants to quickly develop dated infrastructure and support the local economy.

The 61st IOC session, where the awarding of the Olympic Games should have been voted for, should have taken place in Nairobi.

This session was moved to Baden-Baden because Kenya refused entry to IOC members from Portugal and South Africa for political reasons.

Due to a lack of time only the Summer Games of 1968 could be voted for.

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