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The act of online debauchery has taken Mutare by storm, in yet another worst form of cultural decadence and irresponsible behaviour that has possessed most youths in Zimbabwe.

Tthe quartet – who are couples – were recorded having unprotected sex in a hostel at the university. The first tape which is two hours, 25 minutes long, stars a couple only identified as Ano and Charles, who are second year and final year students respectively.

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"What they did was wrong and they will definitely be expelled. Yes, we are all impish and can do anything like that but outside the college premises.Sellers on are typically manufacturers and distributors based in China and other manufacturing countries such as India, Pakistan, the United States and Japan.at consumers worldwide, many of them located in Russia, the United States and Brazil.The quartet were reportedly suspended as soon as the university officials got hold of the tape and were on Tuesday set to attend a hearing over the mischief.The Weekender could not establish, however, if they have been expelled from the university.

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