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Koinonia House, a peace-activist Christian group hosted a public meeting and from there the idea of a "Biodegradable Festival of Life" called Vortex 1 came into being.Mike Carr, Lee Meier, Kristen Hansen and Nik Hougen were the first to go meet with Ed Westerdahl to discuss this concept, People from the following meetings including Bobby Wehe, Kaushal Yellin, and Glen Swift who went to meet Governor Tom Mc Call while others began to scout parklands nearby Portland that could accommodate such an event.

Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest area of the US.Though no doubt aided by a last-minute cancellation by Nixon, the event had its desired effect.Both the American Legion convention and the anti-war activities of the Jamboree were carried out without any major incident.Vortex I: A Biodegradable Festival of Life, more commonly known as just Vortex I, was a week-long rock festival sponsored by the Portland counterculture community with help from the U. state of Oregon, and held in 1970 in Clackamas County near Portland.Held in order to demonstrate the positive side of the anti-War Movement and to prevent violent protests during a planned Richard Nixon appearance in the state, A coalition of Portland-based anti-Vietnam War groups, called the People's Army Jamboree, planned a series of demonstrations and other anti-war activities, to be held at the same time as the convention.

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