African bottleneck cheetah dating genetic primary source

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b SNV density in cheetahs, four other felids and human based upon estimates in 50-kbp sliding windows.

Of these, 38,661 fragments had lengths less than the specified window size and thus were excluded from further analysis; most of those fragments are contigs with length less than 500 bp, and thus 46,787 windows of total length 2.337 Gb were built and analyzed.

That precipitous drop in number and genetic diversity, aggravated by behavioral reinforcement of immense range boundaries, led to the genetically depleted cheetah populations surviving today.

Here we present a detailed annotation and analysis of the assembled whole-genome sequence of African cheetah that affirms the genome-wide reduction of cheetah diversity and identifies gene adaptations that occurred in the cheetah’s evolutionary lineage.: Tables S15–S24).

Cheetahs have captured the imagination of artists, writers, regal potentates and wildlife lovers for centuries.

Initially descended from early Pliocene precursors related to American pumas, their fossil record extends across the Americas, Europe and Asia until the late Pleistocene (]) and are considered highly endangered by wildlife authorities and governments.

residuals indicate that the model predicts too many or too few alleles in a given cell, respectively.

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Their genetic depletion correlates with elevated juvenile mortality, extreme abnormalities in sperm development, difficulties until recently in achieving sustainable captive breeding, and increased vulnerability to infectious disease outbreaks [].b First and second graphs represent marginal spectra for a pair of populations.The third graph shows residuals between the model and the observed data.Four distinctive but plausible model scenarios were simulated by the Da Di analysis with the AFS data.Model 4 fits the data best; see “” for our decision algorithm pathway that identified model 4 as best.

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