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Many people still cling to a romantic conception of love which is caught up in the encounter.A magical moment that leads to a meltdown – but this isn’t a “Two scene” but a “One scene”.On the ethical level, love is genuine and demonstrates its own seriousness through marriage.The highest level is the religious, after the ethical endorsement by marriage.However, when love is seen entirely as a matter of pleasure, it avoids “any deep and genuine experience of the otherness from which love is woven.” Part of philosophy’s job is to defend love.But, “It cannot be a defensive action simply to maintain the status quo.But love “focuses on the being of the other, on the other as it has erupted, fully armed with its being into my life thus disrupted and re-fashioned.” This ontological interpretation of love makes the being of the other its ; love is not just imaginary.

What is the world like when it is experienced, developed and lived from the point of view of difference and not identity?

He says, “When I lean on the shoulder of the woman I love. .” and look at the world, “and know, not from the expression on her face, but from within the world as it is – that the woman I love is seeing the same world, and that this convergence is part of the world and that love constitutes precisely, at that very moment, the paradox of an identical difference, then love exists, and promises to continue to exist.” “The fact is she and I are now incorporated into this unique Subject, the Subject of love that views the panorama of the world through the prism of our difference, so this world can be conceived, be born, and not simply represent what fills my own individual gaze.

Love is always the possibility of being present at the birth of the world.” The Construction of Love Let’s look at the ontological interpretation in greater detail. First, love involves a disjunction between two people, because of the difference of their infinite subjectivities. Regardless, love contains an initial element that differentiates. Love involves Two.” The idea that love is about the fusion of two souls into one must be rejected.

” It is an existential project: to construct a world from a decentered point of view other than that of my mere impulse to survive or re-affirm my own identity.

It is a construction of a world, which is not quite the same thing as the experience of it.

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