Are emma spencer and mike cattermole dating

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I would like to think I am professional and he is professional. So who knows where this story will end for the Spencers, who were dubbed the Posh and Becks of the racing world.

Jamie and Hayley are said to not be an “item” but still continue to work with each other on a regular basis.

As channel four were covering the event Emma Spencer was obliged to work.

The customary post race jockey interview had to be done but Emma refused to carry it out.

It is understood that Bell now knows of the ‘arrangement’ between the two champion jockeys but as of yet he hasn’t spoken or done anything publicly about the matter.

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To some, it is still a shock that the BBC has abdicated its decades-long association with the sport of kings.Cattermole, whose 14-yearold nephew Theo Toaldo will take on the role of best man, said: "It's my first time at the age of 51 and it's something I never thought would be happening, but life is full of surprises.As we've seen in the last few weeks, there are good surprises and bad surprises, but this is definitely a good one.It is understood that the relationship between the Spencer’s had been rocky for quite some time before Spencer and Turner ever got serious. Spencer was said to have noticed the relationship growing but was then outraged as Jamie brought his new mistress into the martial home.This was the last straw and Spencer moved out of the family home in November 2009. Last Saturday, the 24th of April, Turner rode the winner of the weekends biggest handicap race as she guided Brunston (40-1) to victory in the Spring Cup at Newbury.

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