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In the meantime, here’s what you said: Well, no, the book is not free — something has to keep the Moet and caviar flowing and the miniature elephants fed around here.The book is potentially worth is very nearly free: .95 print copy, .97 ebook with embedded audio and bonuses, audiobook.

Those books are primarily about what you can do to get Amazing LIFE book, not just dating, June 03, 2011, by Live To Read at Amazon - GET THIS BOOK! The reason why you don’t have time to read a potentially life-altering book is probably the same as why you don’t have a boyfriend: .The other is the insight into the way men think and what is important to them and appreciate it is different from women, but no less valid.Knowing what matters to them helps you interact differently and more successfully - and to be prepared if things don't go quite as you hoped.I have never purchased nor felt the need to purchase a dating book before. Ali combines spiritual tenets with proven scientific facts to give great advice for dating and for life, and I am so glad I got it. Unless you’re a surgical resident, an I-banking drone or a mom with two toddlers, you’ve got time. Moreover, if you don’t have time to read, there’s the audiobook version for 20 bucks, which allows you to listen to my mellifluous voice as you drive or sit on the train.All of his tips are really about how to cultivate a positive and confident outlook on life, which creates a positive and fulfilling dating experience. With the average American daily commute at 40min, you can get through it in less than two weeks, no foolin’. , May 30, 2011, by TF at Amazon - My copy of "The Tao of Dating" is dog eared, highlighted, written in, and well worn.

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