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The “earth” According to the Biblical Context: Another point we need to consider is the term “earth” mentioned in the whole chapter of Isaiah 24. In the original Hebrew, the word translated “earth” here should be rendered more accurately as “land”.

The more usual meaning of הארץ “the earth” in Isaiah is of a particular territory or space in which someone lives or over which someone reigns.

Here is a quote on Isaiah based on New International Version as used in his article: “Therefore in the east give glory to the LORD; exalt the name of the LORD, the God of Israel, in the islands of the sea.” Notice how Eli Soriano understood this verse with the usage of other Bible passages to make Isaiah as though pointing to him and his group: “The Philippines (formerly called “Las Islas Filipinas” in honor of King Philip II of Spain), which is a group of Island in the Pacific Ocean, is included in Biblical prophecies.” “The possibility of this prophecy being fulfilled in the Philippines is 100 percent!

Brother Eli and his group are ‘easterners’; and his group is the only congregation in the Philippines that offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving unto the God of Israel — weekly.” “The Philippines as a nation, and Brother Eli as a citizen of the Philippines, is a fulfillment of this prophecy.” Is that true? Eli Soriano also made an emphasis on the word “East” in this verse in order to justify his case that this might be the Philippines since it belongs to the east.

Believe it or not, he inherited it from his worst and bitterest enemy, the Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) of Felix Manalo! Eli Soriano was brought up with the “Iglesia ng Diyos” founded by Mr. His article mentioned above also says: “Brother Eli came from among the group he leads.

He was never a Catholic, a Protestant, nor a member of any other religious group but the Church of God first preached in the Philippines by Brother Nicholas Perez.” Who then is this Brother Nicholas Perez?

In the beginning of his article, Eli Soriano is attempting to put some credibility on his position as a preacher since he claims to be a prophet by applying the “Spirit of Prophecy” to his mission.

I would like to take this opportunity to test Eli Soriano’s reliability on interpreting the Bible.

This is not a personal attack on Eli Soriano’s character and sincerity but a careful analysis of his teachings and how he misinterprets the Bible–so that readers will be more careful next time they read or hear him teaching.

12:5, 6), and was now so manifest in His glory (Isa. Therefore rejoicing was heard “from the sea” (the Mediterranean), by which the abode of the congregation of Jehovah was washed.

Turning in that direction, it had the islands and coast lands of the European West in front (iyyi hayyâm; the only other passage in which this occurs is Isa. ), and at its back the lands of the Asiatic East, which are called ’urim, the lands of light, i.e., of the sun-rising.” From the scholarly point of view without any bias but only objective reasoning, the “east” and the “isles of the sea” referred to in Isaiah are referring to two different locations not just one like what Eli Soriano would like us to think.

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