Colt 1911 serial dating

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I have no idea if they affect the value one way or another, but I will let you know if I find out.Assuming the gun is correct and original (which it looks like it is to me) your friend has a valuable pistol here.

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World War II production: five (5) manufacturers made the M1911A1 pistol: * Colt * Ithaca * Remington-Rand * Union Switch & Signal * Singer Sewing Machine Co. 500) The problem with ID'ing M1911A1's is that parts are totally interchange- able, and during the lives of many examples their slides were many times switched or replaced.A serial number preceded by a "NO" instead of a "No" indicates manufacture by Remington-Rand. An RCD inspector mark or double spacing between the M and 1911A1 indicates manufacture by Union Switch and Signal. A geometric-shape proofmark, like a triangle, arrowhead or such, on the front left of triggerguard indicates an M1911A1 made by Ithaca. An "X" prefix to the serial number indicates a gun that has been re-serial numbered by ordnance, and the maker is neither identifiable or relevant.These rules will not allow you to identify every single frame you en- counter, but the will suffice for 99 percent of them." BTW, when M1911A1 pistols were rebuilt a military facility they were rebuilt without any regard to the maker of the frame, slide or other parts..'n match, first in - last out, whatever was expedient to get the pistol in and out was the rule of thumb.I can ask the guy if he can get a pic of the other side when I see him at work tomorrow.This guys main concern is he doesn't want to get ripped off (who does ).

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