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The researchers concluded online daters feel pressure to exaggerate to increase their chances of attracting a potential partner.

Dating and relationship expert Marc Evan Katz said even though lying isn’t right, you shouldn’t be too surprised or angry when you discover your date did.

“Given that 81% of people lie, I think it’s time to stop getting so bent out of shape when they do, and simply assume that everyone is fudging a little bit — some, more than others.” He said on his blog.

“At the end of the day, it’s better to be pleasantly surprised when someone does tell the truth than bitterly disappointed when he doesn’t.

If you’re happy with a man who’s a little shorter, broker and less socially winning than he presents himself online, then you won’t be disappointed if that’s exactly what he turns out to be when you meet in person.

You’ll have simply won the jackpot if the man who you end up grabbing a drink with really is the total package he seemed to be from his profile.

It’s too predictable to get angry about.” If you’re about to embark on an online dating adventure, just be aware you might catch your date in a fib or two. Surprisingly (or not), some online daters lie about their marital status.

Here are four lies most commonly seen in an online dating profile. So next time you go out with someone you met online, make sure to look for signs your date is hitched.

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A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found roughly 80% of online daters lie. After surveying participants on dating sites such as and Webdate, the results showed lying is quite common in the virtual dating world.

When it comes to height, men are more likely to stretch the truth.

According to the aforementioned study, men generally increased their height by up to a half inch.

Through a combination of choosing what archetype best fits their body type (athletic, a little extra, obese, thin, jacked) and the pictures they decide to include in their profile, men can be pretty good at disguising what their bodies look like.

Sex advice columnist extraordinaire Dan Savage has stated he assumes every man with an online profile is probably two to five years older than he actually is.

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