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These particular lines aren't critical, so we can replace the old file with the new file (mv ._cfg0000_bootmisc bootmisc). Designed by Kyle Manna © 2003; Style derived from original sub Silver theme.

_*' /etc/conf.d/._cfg0000_net /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_clock /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_bootmisc /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_checkfs /etc/skel/._cfg0000_.bash_profile /etc/skel/._cfg0000_.bashrc /etc/._cfg0000_fstab /etc/._cfg0000_hosts /etc/._cfg0000_modules.autoload In this example, the only differences are the "Distributed" and "Header" lines.You can call it from dos prompt and issue it with a single, (or list) of commands to run once connected to a specified host. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the script as I described above.# At start of our script we ask for the host's IP or name (this could be automated if you like) $host IP = Read-Host "Enter ESX host IP/dns name: " $vmhost = Get-VMHost $host IP # Start the SSH service $ssh Service = Get-Vm Host Service -VMHost $vmhost | Where Start-VMHost Service -Host Service $ssh Service -Confirm:$false # Use SSH / plink to configure host with some additional script cmd /c "-ssh -pw HOSTROOTPASSWORD -noagent -m [email protected]$host IP" # Stop SSH service Stop-VMHost Service -Host Service $ssh Service -Confirm:$false As you can see, we start off by asking for the host IP or name, this is the only bit of manual input, but even this could be automated.As an example, we select the configuration file Beginning of differences between /etc/and /etc/._cfg0000_[...] End of differences between /etc/and /etc/._cfg0000_1) Replace original with update 2) Delete update, keeping original as is 3) Interactively merge original with update 4) Show differences again . There is no point in further elaborating the interactive merging here.

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