Consolidating police agenciespros and cons

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“There were people who were extremely positive about the initiative, those who were ambivalent, and those who were very negative.

It was my goal from the outset to win the negative people’s support over time.

So can fire and police consolidate and maintain separate CAD/RMS systems?

“It’s possible, but it would be extremely inefficient and ineffective,” says Rogers.

“Having two different CAD/RMS systems is like speaking two different languages.

Even if dispatchers are trained in both systems, which would require a highly sophisticated skill set, it still takes valuable time to jump from one system to the next.” The answer?

In Michigan, communities both large and small have been mulling it over for months, and why not?

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“In Eaton County, we consolidated 13 fire departments, nine police departments and seven animal services departments,” says Rogers.“They must be full-stake partners in the process.” This may seem obvious, but when it comes to consolidation, fire departments often feel like they get the short shrift, particularly when it comes to CAD (computer-aided dispatch) and RMS (records management system).Fire departments often find that the CAD/RMS systems are oriented towards police operations and don’t properly support their reporting needs and therefore fire department personnel can resent having these solutions thrust upon them.Take the time to research various systems to arrive at the one that best fits your community’s needs.“Make a list of requirements, and then look at the top 10 CAD providers in the nation,” says Arbic.

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