Consolidating vendor list in sap

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The feature articles in this section provide a deep dive into some of the challenges.In this feature, Patty Hoppenstedt, HR for the Village of Schaumburg, Ill., discusses the challenges of cloud software F.01 you can summarize at account level instead of company codes.At tab ' Output control' please use the option 3 (Aggregated B/S - Balance Status Change at Account Level).The company's ION middleware, a distributed architecture that uses the Web's extensible markup language (XML) to pass common business messages between applications in a standardized way, could help solve the longstanding problem of integration. Continue Reading While it's true that many businesses need to consolidate or at least update their ERP systems, they still must be sure it's the right move before beginning the process.Many organizations with offices all over the world believe that consolidation is next to impossible; fortunately, that's no longer the case.Consolidation in sap, We have split one cocd into 15 cocd's. There is no intercompany activities going on, so no need for trading partners etc.Now we want to have a consolidation of all these companies. If I would set up a FSV and I would run f.01 I will get it 15 times ( an overview per cocd listed below each other.) Now I want it combined. Second, to make the problem more interesting, all these cocd work on a 4 week period. How can we report this 4 week period in a 12 month fashion at year end?

Find out more about the complexity of integrating core ERP systems by consulting this feature article.Consult this SAP Press book excerpt to learn more about SAP ERP integration with other enterprise systems.Continue Reading One of the biggest challenges of ERP integration and consolidation is the planning process.Hoppenstedt wanted to deploy an integrated HR and finance system where all the employment data, including pay grades and number of employees, could be run in the cloud ERP financial system.Learn more about the challenges she faced as she tried to make this dream a reality.

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