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The pay was 5 each for the day, refreshments and costumes provided.

When we arrived, the streets were packed with people who we figured must be extras.

Once, we were getting ready for a strip-o-gram and had parked down the street to put the finishing touches on our cop outfits. The cops made us put up our hands, frisked us at gunpoint, and threatened to arrest us for impersonating police officers.

They didn’t believe us when we told them that we were preparing for a stripper gram.

He said he could get me on, and the next day I started the most exciting roller coaster ride of my life.

You can find me cowering in the corner, rocking like an autistic child and chanting, “They’re just flowers.

So I hear “entertainment” and a little warning bell goes off in my head.

We pleaded with them and gave them the address of the place we were supposed to appear.

Two more squad cars pulled up and surrounded our car, and the original two cops went to the address we gave them to check out our story.

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