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So why did we go through all this conversation, I do not know!

Egyptianism: previous blog posts: Egyptian Belly Dancing Social Freedoms and Chastity in Egypt and the U.

Ok ladies, here is the one you have been waiting for.

Any woman who has ever gotten involved with an Egyptian man knows that as soon as she tells anyone about it they will immediately go to work trying to get you to end the relationship.

The two of us have so many common jokes and clichés that we use to make fun of guys or being naughty in general.

We talked about so many things, among them was marrying an Egyptian or a western. It is all about the person himself regardless, but in my subconscious I am so aware of my Egyptian culture that of course includes men.

The mother-son relationship in Egypt is a bit strange at least from my own standards and sometimes scary.

Egyptian mothers make sure that their sons are so dependent on them and in so many instances she does not give them the chance to be independent even if there are chances to be an independent individual to continue manipulating them forever.

She told me “Despite all that I think I will continue to like my Egyptian boyfriend and I want to marry him”.Men pretend to spend money but in fact women do too because life is getting so expensive. The sister is the second in command in terms of annoying the would-be-wife/fiancé or current wife.It is very rare to find an Egyptian man who knows how to cook and if he does after he gets married this habit will stop because his wife will cook. The latter is considered the enemy who wants to brainwash the son for her own interest.The continuous struggle between the Egyptian wife and husband on where to spend the national holidays and vacations is always a decision on whether with her or his families. If the day off will be spent with his or her family whatever, it has to end up with a fight in their way back to their home while the children are sleeping in the car if they have one.He claims that the way she talked to his mom or sister was not appropriate and that she is intentionally flaring up an argument to make it a reason not to spend time with his family in future occasions.

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