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Instead of gossiping, your best bet is to engage in interesting conversation with a guy.

“It’s true that you meet most girls in a party scene, but the ones that have always stuck out to me have been the ones that have talked to me about things other than the typical topics of conversation,” says Kiko.

If you look anything like Mila Kunis, that’s amazing and I’m jealous of you, but play it cool and don’t act like you know it.

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But girls that are constantly really sloppy or talk about how sloppy they are are just a nuisance, more than anything,” says Mike from the University of Michigan.You never put down your cell phone “There’s nothing worse than a girl that is clearly glued to her i Phone,” Kiko says.“Yeah, you know who you are, ‘girl that tries to be clever and not think I notice you texting at least three other guys.’ You're showing to me that you have other options than me and that after we hang out you're about to go to the next guy…“Any girl who just fell and can't find her phone and is simultaneously throwing up everywhere… No one wants to date a scene-maker.” Kiko from the University of Massachusetts Amherst says being “that girl” won’t get you past the hook-up stage.“Girls that try to come off as that ‘party girl’ completely scream ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship, I just want to f*ck dudes every weekend,” he says.

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