Dating reason selfish

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Here are five reasons you may not want to date her: A woman with higher levels of testosterone than the average woman doesn’t necessarily have mannish qualities, and may, in fact, be hyper feminine.

But, she likely does have a higher sex drive as a result.

A woman who consistently takes more than she gives will, inevitably, leave you unsatisfied.

Routines are established and the days and weeks begin to blend together.

But, as soon as your sexual activity becomes rote, you have reached the beginning of the end.

A woman with greater sex drive is going to be excited at the mere prospect of sexual activity, and she knows a great way to initiate is to take you in her mouth. Well, assuming you’re an average male, you’re thinking about sex daily, and physiologically, your body is feeling an urgent need for release about every three days.

Obviously, your personal sense of sexual need will vary by age and hormone levels, but we’re just talking averages here.

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