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Some accuse him of disregarding locals black girls in favour of a white woman – a sensitive issue on the island.

Writing on an online forum one woman complained: “Another of our men snatched”, while another wrote: “Really now Usain!

Originally meaning 'pictograph', the word emoji literally means 'picture' (e) and 'character' (moji).

There are 722 different emoji characters currently available in the standard Unicode set shared by most platforms.

It means the Slovakian emoticon appears to be the new record holder - having beaten its English counterpart by 13 years.

The first emoji was created in 1999 by a team working on Japanese mobile phone provider i-mode's messaging features.

York Regional Police said the investigation into the organized group began in July 2014 after one woman came forward to report a fraud.

In April last year, Andy Murray posted a wedding day tweet which described the day in emoji.

There also appears to be a clown's finger with a hashtag drawn on it, though the context is unclear.

Mr Brindza said hive was hugely surprised by his exceptional find and said: 'In contemporary writings, of course, it is not a common thing.

Researchers are claiming to have found the world's oldest emoji - a 382-year-old smiley face.

Officially created in the 1980's as a form of expressing digital emotion, about six billion emojis are sent around the world every day.

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