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Today we’re talking about a topic that isn’t as fun as our usual creative date ideas and romance tips.

And I’ll freely admit, we’re a little nervous to venture into these unfamiliar waters.

Researches have found that porn consumers eventually compare their spouse or partner and themselves to images of porn models.

Is it any wonder then that it destroys self-esteem?

It distorts views of men and women and changes sexual attitudes and behaviors.

Because pornography is portrayed as easy and quick, marital sex is then viewed as complicated and too much work. It’s interesting that society tells us that if you don’t “allow” pornography in your marriage, you’ll push him away and drive him to infidelity.

However, research shows that is actually wrecks your libido. is becoming more of a “hot topic.” In fact, about 60% of compulsive porn users reported erectile dysfunction in a brain scan study last year.

Not only is porn leading to bad sex, but some studies show that it’s taking away men’s ability to have sex at all. Pornography warps views about sex and relationships.

Users are careful to lock doors, erase their internet history, and keep files and videos hidden with passwords. Because a bonding hormone is released during sexual intimacy, it can be a wonderful and powerful way to feel closer to and connect with your spouse.When in reality, pornography is linked to infidelity.That’s not even mentioning the fact that many people view pornography as infidelity in itself.We’re not saying that pornography is the primary cause of depression or anxiety.The truth is, there isn’t enough research on the subject yet to draw clear conclusions.

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