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White John Morough Godfrey Gallaway John Morrough John Skiddy John Skiddy John Meagh John Morrough Wm. Skiddy John Goold Pat Gallaway John Gallaway Richd. But the fact that it was carried out with the tacit support of so many members of the local community is a shocking indictment of some sections of modern British society.Bristol city council and the police have attempted to portray the murder as a tragic one-off, pointing out that overall levels of crime in Bristol are falling. The Strategic Assessment 2012-13, which will be published shortly, shows that total crime numbers are at the lowest they have been for 12 years.His friend Stephen Norley, also 24 and a father of two, admitted assisting an offender after helping James to drag Mr Ebrahimi’s body from his home and fetching the white spirit to set him alight. But although the murder itself was their work alone, they are far from the only guilty parties.

Holmes Robert Wrixon Willa Busteed Mathias Smith Sir J. Franklyn John Wrixon John Smith Boyle Travers Will Parkes Sam. Carlton Walter Travers Sober Kent Richard Kellett James Morrison Sir John Franklin Sir Samuel Rowland James Kingston Richd. O'Sullivan Sean O'Leary Patrick Kerrigan Pearse Wyse Augustine A.

The few neighbours who agreed to talk to me did so secretively, and on condition of anonymity.

Whether they are walking their dogs, riding BMX bikes or taking children to school, the local people seem isolated, burdened and even ashamed.

And with good reason; this was a very communal crime.

Mr Ebrahimi met his death at the hands of two of his neighbours, both of whom lived several doors down from him in a block of council maisonettes on Capgrave Crescent.

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