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Athletes and Sportsmen Galleries English Footballer Michael Owen Bulge Baseball Superstar Ivan Rodriguez Bulge Muscular American Football Player Matthew G.Dirty English is the first fragrance for men by trendy house Juicy Couture.Even has the charms with the cellophane wrapping still intact. My to-go fragrance for rainy weather and a leather jacket.Really like the leather and oud notes, it's a well blended juice.These guys went all the way to fight homophobia in sports.A male college field hockey team in England stripped naked "Full Monty" style for a viral video aimed to give attention to the issue.These fetishists get a particular thrill from writing a negative review based on nasal fatigue. it offers nothing more that 10 min of bergamot and a tiny bit of wood notes, then after that 10 min, becomes a skinscent of low quality musk for about 20 min. She thanked me but said she wasn't interested for herself but for her fiancée. " Thus reinforcing my belief that Dirty English is most definitely a unisex fragrance.Part of the thrill is leaving out the fact that they suffer from it. "I like her to smell girly but not so much for me." Thinking of a recent forum topic I said I thought I understood her conundrum, "You don't want to smell girly-girly but you don't want to smell like your father's after shave, right? ", she said, smiling, as if she was surprised that an older co-worker actually understood. Mostly leather with lots of spice, I think it's appropriate on men year round and best on female skin in cold weather.

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Supportive stepdaughter: The star attended the ESPY Awards on Wednesday to watch Caitlyn Jenner accept her Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

We can't just pick and choose which bodily functions we believe in, we must face the reality that if you enjoy the smell of this scent wear it. Longevity is not so great, but it is nice to spray on quickly before heading out the door when I'm in the mood for it.

Everyone around you will smell this scent and will continue to do so for over 24hrs. Longevity increases when I layer it over Nabeel's Macho Man, which is an extraordinary leather scent. I have a bottle of the original formulation, about 99% full.

It opens with peppered mandarin, blue cypress, Calabrian bergamot, cumin and cardamom.

The heart brings marjoram and black leather accords accompanied with sandalwood, Atlas cedar and vetiver root which create a fatal effect, while the base reveals agarwood, ebony, black moss and amber musk.

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