Finn and rachel dating

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(Prom Queen) They sit next to each other in a Glee Club meeting, as well as at Jean's funeral when they're singing.

(Funeral) Rachel and Finn go to find Sam to bring him back to the New Directions.

Click through then let us know which Finchel moments you'll never forget.

With Cory's tribute episode airing tomorrow night, we thought it'd be nice to commemorate Finchel, one of our favorite TV couples of all time, and look back at their most memorable moments together.

) * Beyoncé enlists Mercedes as the opening act in her world tour.

Mer doesn’t, however, get back together with Sam — despite his incessant texts.

When they see Sam "performing" at the strip club, Rachel asks Finn to give her a dollar so that she can get his attention.

She then, along with Finn, convinces his parents to let him return to Lima, with the possibility of staying at her house.

They hug when Sam accepts Rachel and Mercedes' proposition by saying, "It would be my honor." When Kurt wins Prom Queen, Sam is seen in one shot to have his hand on Rachel's shoulder.And now, it’s time to play the (last ever) Rating Game…Rachel and Kurt: “Popular” — Rating: B Mercedes: “I’m His Child” — Rating: A- Artie: “Pony” — Rating: B Will: “Teach Your Children” — Rating: B Mercedes: “Someday We’ll Be Together” — Rating: A- Sue and Will: “The Winner Takes It All” — Rating: B Kurt and Blaine: “Daydream Believer” — Rating: B Rachel: “This Time” — Rating: A EVERYONE: “I Lived” — Rating: A Bonus Entry!New Directions: “Don’t Stop Believin'” — Rating: A Gleeks, did the series finale live up to your expectations? And which familiar face were you happy to see return?co-star Cory Monteith and revealed that she didn't just lose one person in her life, she lost two — Cory and Finn Hudson.

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