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You know what, if you're on the fence about one of the ES330s, just do it. The downside of a 2013 would be 2 piece top and back. The 'Truss rod' is described as 'Traditional' and the 'Adhesive' used on the 'mortise and tenon' neckjoint is 'Franklin Titebond 50'. No complaints from me though, and (AZ-Burst) you have already made your decision .... Bottom line is, I don't think I'd worry too much about the distinction.

My 2012 ES330 is maybe the best reissue I've played yet. These guitars are so much fun to play, and the P90's and the hollowbody into a tweed, are a thing of joy. I preferred my reissue to a few vintage examples that I played, so like I said, just do it! this is really a very good looking/sounding guitar that Gibson are currrently offering us. Yes, the serial number is in ink and is exactly where you describe it to be and is stamped on the bare wood interior. For being in the store for that long it survived pretty much unscathed. It makes me believe hardly anyone took it down to play it. Thanks for your help on the COA and the serial number. If you go to sell one of these guitars down the line and it's a good one, it'll sell itself!

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Memphis fell under Custom's management nearly a decade ago and became "Custom" by default. I'm curious as to why they used a nickel strap button on the bottom and a plastic button on the neck heel. What about the bridge posts - what do they screw into? The only reasons I can guess for this are, 1) the magnetic properties of nickel and the proximity to the P90s could create unwanted magnetic fields ..?? I'm sure you are going to enjoy the heck out of it, as I am so far with mine.

Often a guitar will lose a chunk of it's value, if the COA goes missing - or so I'm led to believe. Having trouble figuring the difference between the 'Custom' and 'Memphis' versions of the '59 style ES-335. Further to my previous questions in this forum regarding my '59 RI VOS ES330 S/N T 108xx, and having just read the question posted earlier today by 6950whead in an similar post regarding a '59 style ES-335, I am a little puzzled by just what the actual relationships or differences are between the "Memphis" issues and the more familiar "Custom" issues? sheet for my guitar accurately describes the guitar in great detail, however it does state that the guitar comes complete with a " Gibson Memphis Silkscreened Case in Black Leatherette with Charcoal Plush interior. OK, based on what the previous writer 6950whead has stated, there is supposedly some differences between 'Gibson Memphis' and the 'Custom Shop' guitars If then, my 59RI ES-330 VOS is by "Gibson Memphis", why did it come in a HSC emblazoned with a " Gibson Custom" silkscreen and also with a "Gibson Custom" COA??

Perhaps the 'G-M' COAs only arrived in time for the 2013s......biggie, as it hasn't had any noticable effect on the sound so far ..... i just used virtuoso premium guitar cleaner to remove the vos gunk off of my r8. They are having some kind of sale this weekend so I got a screamin' deal. Bottom line is, I don't think I'd worry too much about the distinction.

you have to use some elbow grease and it took me about 2 times before it all came off, but it looks so much better now. If you go to sell one of these guitars down the line and it's a good one, it'll sell itself!

Mine is a 2012 as the sales guy said it's been there over a year. By the way, does the serial number indicate any useful info. BTW, both the guitars I refer to above are wonderful guitars, and other than wondering whether either one these is a Buick by Chevrolet or a Chevrolet by Buick .... The ES-339 started life in '07 with the custom shop logo, and now doesn't have it.

Thanks for your help on the COA and the serial number. A simple explanation perhaps, of what I seem to be missing here, would certainly help me - and presumably others out there. The use of the "custom shop" moniker on ES bodies coming out of Memphis seems to be nothing more than a marketing tool, as the instruments are all coming off the same shop floor.

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