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The artist had been hit with citations for driving without a license, driving without insurance and for failing to provide a valid registration card for his vehicle in the months prior to the collision. On September 28 the rapper tweeted ‘My knee went out on me yesterday was in the hospital all mornin … We will have to see if this will further impact his touring but for the moment it seems it will not. He initially declined all physical therapy, relying on the high one gets from being on stage to do the work of trained professionals.

Turned out to be the wrong move, as it wasn’t long before he was re hospitalized, citing knee issues.

This sounds like a powerful capability, so let’s dig deeper!

The devices we had to hand for our research were a series of Samsung Galaxy devices and so the remainder of this blog will be Samsung-centric.

Manipulating client-side variables in Java applications Mobile Malware State of Play Securing Corporate Mobile Devices Read more Demystifying the Exploit Kit WSUSpect – Compromising the Windows Enterprise via Windows Update Simulated Phishing Attacks – The legal situation in Germany read more This is the third in a series of blogs about how, even in 2017, SMS-based attacks on Android phones are still viable.

Hacking Unicorns with Web Bluetooth Phwning the boardroom: hacking an Android conference phone User Awareness: An Important Tool in Protecting Your Organisation from Cyber Threats WAP just happened to my Samsung Galaxy?

In more salacious news, the rapper had a sex tape leak, with ex girlfriend Alexis Sky.WDP itself can be transported over many protocols, including SMS (the focus of this blog).WAP Push is transported on WDP and allows content to be pushed to the device with minimal (or no) user intervention. Reading the last two paragraphs should awaken your inner vulnerability researching senses, given we are talking about a 17-year old technology transporting arbitrary data, which is potentially received and processed without user interaction.Indeed, contained within the OMA CP spec is the following: “The connectivity media type may contain security information, which is transported as parameters to the media type application/connectivity-wbxml.The security information consists of the message authentication code and the security method.

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