Is shailene woodley dating daren kagasoff in real life 2016

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Pierson Fode shows off his well-defined abs while soaking up the sun on the beach over the weekend in Venice, Calif.The 24-year-old Bold and The Beautiful actor met up with his co-star Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood, who wowed in a bright yellow bikini.

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THR: When you were going through the audition process, what was that like for you? She fought for me and said she wasn't going to do the show without me, so that's how I got the job. THR: Did she share any particular reasons why she was gravitating toward you for Ricky? STORY: ' Secret Life of the American Teenager' to End After Fifth Season THR: How do you think you've evolved as an actor after playing a character for such a long time? It was a different tone from the other episodes because I think we knew we were done.

I think everybody in the cast when we first signed on to do the show, nobody knew how big of a success it was going to be.

And now coming up to the finale of five seasons and more than 120 episodes later, it's crazy.

To say Ben won't go away easily is an understatement.

(Watch the scene above.) Kagasoff talks to was your first big gig. Daren Kagasoff: It's been an amazing journey for me.

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