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We can cultivate our attraction to kindness and availability, and as we do this, our dating lives dramatically change for the better.In a healthy relationship, it's important to understand your "flight patterns." The risk of love scares us all.It sometimes almost made me sick to go out to meet strangers again and again, but I knew I had to.And that's how I found real love" Please note that I'm not suggesting you stop trying to meet people online.Celebrate what you found, and do your best to nourish it. Or instead, do you find that your partner continues to be integrity-based? Talk to your partner about your feelings, and if things don't change, it's probably time to move on.If you really want love that can last, it's doubtful that you'll find it here.

They often feel more like real love than healthy love does!

People who devalue us make us want to convince them that they're wrong.

But here's the good news: Just as we can be seduced by unavailability, we are also capable of being seduced by .

To someone who doesn't appreciate you, your true self may be a turnoff.

For the right person, it can be the stuff that romance is made of.

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