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So from there, how did your Shopping Channel gig come about? There were the big shows, but obviously few opportunities for a silly little Southland boy with minimal TV experience.

It was weird because I don’t know if were responsible for my non-work. Bizarrely, a friend of mine wanted to audition for the Shopping Channel so I helped him do his audition.

Because you can love building a house, but that’s a material asset. It is the love story of one guy who has decided that the time is right for him now to find a companion, and he is willing to put himself out there to find that one person. It was such a shame that show ended actually, it was quite disappointing.

People on fall in love with their houses, but at the end of the day a house is not a person. It was a weird slot though, we were coming off the back of into trying to dissect the situation in the Middle East for teenagers. We were the first to have the option to text in and the first to integrate a website into the show.

The Shopping Channel sort of wound up, and then Yes Shop was starting, so I joined them. I used to tape every morning and go home after work and watch it, but I would fast forward through everything bar the Paul Henry bits. I’m really excited about his new show coming up, actually I managed to fill in a couple of times for him last year on the on a Sunday morning Is current affairs watching quite crucial to your radio job as well?Those shopping formats are quite different from everything else I’ve done, and I learnt another set of skills that I hoped might help the chances of another role coming up further down the line. Yeah, I leave the Kim Kardashian and the E channel to Jay Jay and Dom.There’s always a lot of very talented people in this country who are ripe for the picking of hosting a show, so you have to stay proactive in the background. I quite often watch Heartland as well because I love this series they’ve been running where they play old shows.I did alright though – I think I was about fourth if I remember correctly.But I won’t be stepping out onto a stage anytime soon.

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