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He was largely ignored by Taylor, including the dispensing of patronage in New York, on which Taylor consulted Weed and Seward.

As vice president, Fillmore presided over angry debates in the Senate as Congress decided whether to allow slavery in the Mexican Cession.

In his retirement, Fillmore was active in many civic endeavors.

He helped to found the University of Buffalo, serving as its first chancellor.

A former congressman from New York, Fillmore was elected the nation's 12th Vice President in 1848, and was elevated to the presidency by the death of Zachary Taylor.

Members of the Fillmore family had resided in New England for several generations; Nathaniel Fillmore Sr.The new president exerted pressure to gain the passage of the Compromise, which gave legislative victories to both North and South, and which was enacted by September. Navy expeditions to open trade in Japan, opposed French designs on Hawaii, and was embarrassed by Narciso López's filibuster expeditions to Cuba.The Fugitive Slave Act, expediting the return of escaped slaves to those who claimed ownership, was a controversial part of the Compromise, and Fillmore felt himself duty-bound to enforce it, though it damaged his popularity and also the Whig Party, which was torn North from South. He sought election to a full term in 1852, but was passed over by the Whigs in favor of Winfield Scott.He failed to win the Whig nomination for president in 1852; he gained the endorsement of the nativist Know Nothing Party four years later, and finished third in that election.Fillmore was born into poverty in the Finger Lakes area of New York state; his parents were tenant farmers during his formative years.

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