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But why do age gap romances continue to be such a source of fascination, given that they have been happening for centuries?She explained to FEMAIL: 'In case you haven't noticed, we feel the same as we get older as we did when we were young, on the inside at least - it's only when we look in the mirror we see the signs of ageing.Relationships in which the man is older than the woman make sense for all sorts of reasons. They are often ready to move along a life stage — get a mortgage, get married, have kids — while men are still sticking posters to their bedroom walls and thinking seriously about getting a tattoo.

What age gap — if any — is feasible in the long term?

You can pretty much guarantee that what a woman wants and expects from life will be completely transformed in that decade.

So, while there's that trite little calculation about the youngest partner you can have being half your age plus seven, the thing you really have to worry about is how old she is now.

'Psychologically, having a trophy wife on your arm gives the same effect as flash cars and watches - admiration and significance, it's almost as if having this young partner quantifies how successful they are.''It is well known that men and women reach their sexual peak at a different ages (men early 20s women late 30s early 40s), so while a young toy boy may well be able to satisfy an older woman an older man may leave his younger wife feeling unfulfilled.

But younger men buck the trend, with those aged up to 30 preferring to date someone older than younger.

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