Radiocarbon dating east kilbride

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CFARR website The European Incoherent Scatter Radar (EISCAT) UK Support Facility supports UK users of the EISCAT radars.These radars conduct research on the lower, middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere, using the technique of incoherent scatter.This service is hosted at two sites: data reception, acquisition and archiving is provided by the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station (DSRS) team at the University of Dundee; and data processing is provided by the Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service (RSDAS) at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.NEODAAS website The NERC Facility for Scientific Diving (NFSD) maintains an equipment pool and provides advice, guidance and training for scientific diving projects as well as undertaking research and development projects to advance underwater research techniques.From April 2015 resources will be made available for these nodes to enhance their direct bioinformatics support and to provide training for users.For a short period, some existing bioinformatics projects will continue to be delivered by NBAF-Wallingford.EISCAT website The Facility for Environmental Nanoparticle Analysis & Characterisation (FENAC) provides nanoparticle imaging, analysis and characterisation from relevant samples including complex biological and environmental media.

Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facilities website The Mesosphere Stratosphere Troposphere Radar Facility (MSTRF) enables studies of atmospheric winds, waves, turbulence, surface temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall and solar radiation.Both NBAF-E and NBAF-L are pay-as-you-go facilities.NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility website [email protected] The NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Sheffield provides training and facilities to support a wide range of genetic and genomic studies that address ecological and evolutionary questions.When filling in the form online hold you cursor over the name of the field you are filling in for further help.If you need any more help with filling in the form please contact the facility.

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