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Conservative kids hang out with others on the same wavelength.This group tends to have a more docile transition from adolescence to maturity. Certainly, as in the outside world, there are always going to be some rebellious Amish kids.I am sure this rule was implemented to try to keep those who were not dating from gathering for late night parties.During the Rumspringa years, not all Amish communities allow their young people to have cars and street clothes.It is only human nature to want to spread your wings, test the waters, and sometimes push the envelope.But in the Amish culture a smaller percentage of the youth actually rebel and flaunt church rules. This term refers to young Amish people, anywhere from the age of 16 until they get married.It is the time of dating and getting together with other Amish young people that have not married and it is a chance to get to know one another.

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The Amish use the word “Rumspringa” to describe the years between the passage into adulthood (age 16) and baptism into the church (usually age 18-22).

The rules and practices do vary quite a lot from one church district to another but all Amish believe in adult baptism.

Once you have accepted instructions and been baptized, you are expected to follow the rules of the church.

Unlike the outside world, where a high percentage of kids grow up with little or no church background, every Amish child has been raised in an intensely strong church environment.

Making choices according to deeply ingrained church teachings, a vast majority of Amish teens pass through a relatively tame period of running around.

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