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Marie and Prince Township by working cooperatively to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.

Creating and maintaining a community that is healthy, inclusive, cohesive, and resilient, where members can expect to live free of crime and violence and the fear of crime and violence, is something which benefits us all.

It seems like the local beef is only available once or twice a year.The demand of it has increased among average food purchasers as well as local chefs, retailers and wholesalers in the Algoma District The goal for the event, as explained by RAIN event coordinator, Sandra Trainor, “is to stimulate connections between farmers or producers and purchasers in the Algoma District to increase market opportunities and thereby strengthen the local food economy.” The informal meet and greet atmosphere creates a comfortable environment for farmers to showcase their products. “We bought the land in 2006 but we didn’t start producing until 2011. I think this year we’re going to produce in excess of 140,000 lbs.” Algoma Highlands have recently developed blueberry jam, blueberry syrup and blueberry BBQ sauce (I tried the BBQ sauce and squealed with joy- DELICIOUS! His products can be found locally at Scale Meats, Stonehouse Wines and the Voyageur Lodge and Cookhouse. And maybe somebody here might have an idea of how we can make some new products with our blueberries or how we can use our value added products in a new way.”Dan Denham, Quattro Chophouse, Executive Sous Chef.Trainor admitted that marketing doesn’t always come naturally to every grower. It certainly happens outside of these kinds of events but this venue is much more efficient.” Growing Connections is part of RAIN’s larger effort to create a food strategy that would be endorsed by the City of Sault Ste. We started with fresh and frozen blueberries and now were expanding into the value added product. “I came today because we’re interested in meeting local farmers and getting local produce for the restaurant.“Some farmers are great at marketing- they’re setting up Facebook pages and using social media. Eventually we’d like to put in a small winery at the farm.” Trainor was overwhelmed by the volume of blueberries produced in the growing season and sought options to move his fruit. Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out to begin bringing something in.But there are also a lot of farmers who are great at growing their food and are not that great at marketing. We try to use local produce but there isn’t that much available to us yet.

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