Tall dating online dating site description examples to attract men

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Here’s an example: (Smiling) “I know some guys have a thing about feeling uncomfortable with a tall woman.Are you like that, or is that not something you really care about?“Overall, I think you look pretty good,” for example, or “I like my [insert body part].” If you can’t come up with a few body parts that you like, you need to accept that you’re not going to attract a good guy until you feel better about your body. I remember after Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced, she joked on a talk show that she could “finally wear high heels.” Wrong, Nicole: It would have been better for your self-esteem to have worn them all along. If you’re a tall woman who’s dating someone new, odds are that the height issue is going to come up in conversation.

If you wonder, always ask; if you don’t, that’s fine, too.

Extremely tall women are often treated as if they are freakishly tall or Amazonian, as if their height is some sort of mistake or genetic mutation.

What’s more, many very tall women engage in a range of behaviors to diminish the impact of their height in order to appeal more to men.

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