Updating ubuntu without internet

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"much safer than an Internet connection" How would this be safer than using an internet connection?Besides, the released ISOs contain an older non-updated set of packages after the release (well, LTS has point-releases).In addition, you also need to download the apt-offline package on the Windows machine.Next, open a command prompt and “cd” to the “apt-offline” directory and run the above command.

How can you update/upgrade your Ubuntu without any Internet connection? The method we are going to use here is “ expensive), and your office (or school) PC is connected to a broadband connection with blazingly fast speed.

"once you upgrade via that device, you can run [...]" That will run updates of packages upgraded in the step before, exactly my point of being inefficient.

I can't afford to have an internet connection at home.

Thought Worker, Computer Science graduate from India.

I have just installed Ubuntu on a computer that doesn't have internet where it is, and I was wondering, what is the best way to get the updates and packages that I want by downloading them somewhere else, putting them on a thumb drive, and then installing them?

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