Updating xampp advise relationship dating

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Support for XAMPP is limited to the community forums and a brief FAQ at the Apache Friends website.If you search for “update XAMPP” what you’ll find is a smattering of hits at the XAMPP forum and Stack Overflow offering suggestions ranging from “just install the new version over the older one” (please don’t try this!

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process so you can get XAMPP up-to-date with minimal hassle – and without tearing your hair out. As such, it doesn’t have corporate backing and plenty of financing.do you have any idea or any way to upgrade mysql in xampp ?Best Regards Ali I have found the perfect way of doing it without any side effects and also works perfectly with the xampp control panel...XAMPP is a popular PHP development environment for creating a local LAMP stack.In this succinct tutorial, I will show us how to upgrade XAMPP for Windows to a newer version in few steps.

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