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Was it, because I got hot several times, when they made me do tricks for them. (more…) I slowly turned around, after Sam reminded me, it would soon be spanking time, my hands covering my private parts.

“I won’t let you get out of it by showing us your hands.

This being said, we wanted to ask him some questions!

Well, I first started filming around mid to late 2011.

Take off your bra with them.” His voice was so stern now. “But…” “But leads to spanking” was Sam’s harsh response and they were only satisfied, when my feet were obscenely spread.

He really mastered me now and I did what he demanded and then handed them my bra, while they started to chew on some chewing gums. They were now really aroused, realizing now, that they could do everything with me, which was every boys fantasy, having a woman to torment.

Most of the time, I would drive six hours to Tampa as soon as I got off work on Friday evenings, shoot as much porn as I could while I was there, and then drive back so that I could make Monday morning formations. I am retired from the military now and film pretty girls sucking my cock full time :) Not sure it’s a crush but I love having Riley Reid suck on my cock, she’s out of this world!

Also, fucking Brandi Love doggy style had me on cloud 9 for quite some time! In one of my very first scenes I shot my wad way too early.

Free sample video with Katja Kassin, Tee Real and Dwayne Cummings in Crude Oil.

I was in the military at the time and had just gotten back from a deployment overseas.

I was within 4 years of retiring from the military so I remember thinking a lot about what I was going to do once I got out.

I’ve been a porn addict since I found my grandparents XXX collection in the mid 1980’s :) Soooo, I slowly started to research what it would take to just shoot my own porn. After I had a good idea of what I would need, I went online and bought most of it.

I couldn't believe it as I hit the “purchase” button for my first camera, I was actually doing it!

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