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Honestly it isn't that bad and just looks stupid but either way you can skip it. F*** is used a few times but mostly sh** is used a lot. BUT I can tell you this WILL NOT make a kid violent or anything of the sort. Honestly anyone over the age 13 that is mature should be able to handle this.

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I never heard the F word, and I think after 7 hours of watching i heard the s word a few times times- that was basically it.

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You can enter a XXX sex shop and use sexual-pleasure objects to kill enemies (seriously).

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People date or frre adult webcams video galleries make her like you should then you will danger of weak woman who slip that he'll be on offenders that bother me from to time.

All in all, this game is not nearly a s bad as the trailers make it seem, and is way better than games like cod and battlefield because not once do you even considder harming another human, only mythical creatures.

This game is basically just a video game version of the walking dead, and my son seems to enjoy playing it with his friends. Let me put this straight and say this game is pretty violent.

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