Mark Notification as Read/Unread

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Mark Notification as Read/Unread
Mark Notification as Read/Unread

Allows user to mark a notification as read/unread.

  1. Upload all files in folder upload to ther respective directories on your webserver.
  2. Go to ACP / Products & Hooks / Manage Products and import product_marknotificationread.xml
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16-09-12: v5.0. First Release
26-10-12: v5.0.1 Made some code optimization

This hack is created for your use free of charge. No payment is requested. However, if you would like to donate money for the work I put in to this hack, a donation would show your appreciation.

Mark Notification as Read/Unread


Mark Notification as Read/Unread



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Правка кода: Code changes:[xfvalue_codechanges]
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Правка шаблонов: Template edits:[xfvalue_templateedit]
Автоправка шаблонов: Auto Template:[xfvalue_autotemplate]
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