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Title Tag Grabber AND Video Embedding by BOP5 for VB5


All New Version 3.0

Use version 3.0.1 on VB 5.1.5 and newer (tested on 5.1.7)
It has not been tested on old versions of VB5. If you still have an old version of VB5 try the Version 2.0 download.

This mod can do two things:

  1. It can automatically grab the title of a page you are linking to
  2. It can embed video URLs automatically

For example it will turn:



vBulletin.org Forum - The Official vBulletin Resource!

This is working on both the simple and complex style URL BBcodes, and it will ignore existing links if you have specified a custom title.

It can also turn a link like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxEPV4kolz0 into an embedded video without use of the [video] BB Code.

In addition there is an option to auto embed old links that were previously embedded by the AME 2.x mod for vBulletin 3.x. If you still have [AME] BB Codes in your posts this mod can do its best to embed them like they used to be with AME.

Video Embedding is currently working with Youtube (both short and original URLs) and Vimeo.com videos.

The Mod should auto install, upload files as instructed in Readme (everything goes in the usual place.) Clear the system cache to see the mod work on existing posts.

If you wanted to undo the changes made by this mod simply delete the files/remove the mod/ and clear the cache. This mod does not alter the original posts, only the cached copies.

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